Helping the next generation plan for the future.

Who We Are

Simplifynance came to life in 2018, but goes back to the start of Horizon Financial Group, a Baton Rouge firm helping clients plan since 1991. At Simplifynance, we’ve taken something old, put a new twist on it and created a simpler way for the next generation of clients to plan for the future. We offer advice and education on what matters most in your life TODAY, all delivered in a flexible way.

Our Beliefs

In order to plan long-term, its essential to have a firm grasp on today. Financial planning begins with getting organized..and we can help with that. We also believe  planning should be fun! After all, if what you’re planning for is something AWESOME, shouldn’t the journey on the way there be great too?! We believe it should.

Our Commitment



Industry jargon can often be anything but simple. We promise to help keep the process, recommendations and education easy to understand. 



Sometimes the truth is hard, but what good is advice that makes you feel good without doing good? In everything we do, honesty is our top priority.


About You

You’ve worked hard to get here. You deserve conversations that aren’t steered towards a product shelf. We will build and monitor a plan that is only focused on one thing: YOU.

yOur plan

no one size fits all.

Starting a family and counting the cost? Balancing debt with saving and wondering if you’re doing it right?  We’re here to help you figure it out.

gain clarity on saving & spending habits.

It can be an insurmountable task to plan for things like retirement, education or debt reduction when complexities of life naturally cause disorganization. Let us help you get life organized.

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focus on what you need answers on today.

Life is complex, yet time is short. Zoom in and focus on something you want to tackle today, and get to the rest later.

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a complete financial plan & partnership

Designed to help you stay in front of your future, a same-generation advisor will guide your through a process, answering the questions you have and asking the ones you haven't thought of yet.

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in the plan

Your financial plan is extremely personal. What's in up to you.

plan inclusions

Common topics, but completely customizable.
Budgeting & Cash Flow
Net Worth Tracker
Debt Management
Employer Benefits Review
Education Funding
Asset Allocation
Insurance Review
Goal Planning
Retirement Analysis
Asset Inheritance
Tax Return Review
Large Expense Planning
Debt to Income Ratio
Other, as requested
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No assets required.

Our pricing is subscription-based, where ongoing services and personal guidance are our number one concern.

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Successful individuals ask questions.

We’re a company built on providing answers to big life questions. Here are a few questions you may be asking and answers that we hope bring clarity.

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