Memorializing Minor Milestones

When we think about making progress, and the gratification it brings, we’re generally thinking about ACHIEVING A MAJOR GOAL or completing a huge project. Big wins are cool—but are really rare, don’t you think?

When my current list of goals pops into mind, I am primarily visualizing the granddaddy BIG ones like completing a top-to-bottom home renovation with expansion or Simplifynance becoming the catalyst for a financial generational revolution!!! Those goals are gigantic and long-term, and therefore will remain on my list and be seemingly “incomplete” for a long time.

With friends and clients alike, I see the sadness and frustration it can cause to fight so hard for the big dreams we have when plans that don’t become reality overnight.  

So how do we still find happiness with ourselves and motivation to continually strive for the big stuff we haven’t been able to check things off the list just yet?  


-       High-five your spouse when you simply set up auto-draft to your savings account.

-       Smile and hold your head high when you passed on the impulse buy in the checkout line.

-       Pat yourself on the back for just LOOKING at your 401(k) statement.

-       Acknowledge yourself for cooking and staying in when you could have easily dined out.

When we focus on accomplishing the everyday apparently small things AND take the short seconds needed to reflect back on the resulting success, our minds and our hearts get a taste of natural dopamine that fuels us to make the same type of progress the following day!

Adding up the small wins over time can amount to a transformed positive outlook on what we’re capable of achieving, giving us the confidence to take the BIG steps going forward on the gigantic stuff when the time comes.

So before you leave this article, close your eyes and spend the next 10 seconds acknowledging yourself for the victories you’ve had so far today.  

Feels good, right? 

Did you actually do it?  

Really… should try. 😊

For your added cherry on top, visualize what other small victories you want to experience for the rest of the day.  Better yet, speak them OUT LOUD to someone to help hold you accountable.  My ears are always open if you’d like that person to be me. I’d love to share my daily goals with you too!

Now, I’m off to conquer the next generation financial crisis, my friends!  So until then…

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Written by:

Rachel Stewart

Financial Advisor