Past: eMoney Summit


Rachel Stewart & Pete Bush present to all conference attendees during the Power Hour, which highlights advisors using eMoney to support their planning practice.

Post Conference Review: How do we think it went? It was great! Not only did we get an opportunity to share our story on stage in front of 1000+ attendees about how Pete was first introduced to eMoney 18 years ago, but we were able to deliver confidence in the future of financial planning for the next generation of clients and how eMoney has evolved over time to fit the needs of financial advisors in the future. We even had an artist putting our words into picture as we spoke, which was a first.

Rachel & Pete kick off the Summit at the Welcome Reception.
We take the main stage for our 8 min of fame!
Our first key point - It's all about community.
Next: Building something new inside of something that already exists.
Lastly: We're in it for the long haul!
Rachel records a video about Simplifynance and FlexGen!
We're not alone! There are so many other wonderful advisors in this world. So grateful we could share our story with them.
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Start Date/Time:

October 8, 2018
, at
8:00 am

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, at


4040 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32837

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