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#14 - Debt Stress

During this 14th episode of the Simplifynance Podcast, host Rachel Stewart discusses the importance of confronting your debt head-on and the stress and strain it can cause on you if you don’t.

Episode Highlights:

0:20 Average millennial debt levels

1:10 Short term physical consequences

1:41 Attacking the root of the problem

1:50 Strategy & control

2:20 Maintaining perspective

2:46 Forgive yourself

3 Key Take-Aways

1. Credit Cards are considered BAD debt, and it makes up about a ¼ of what average millennials owe.

2. Strategize by shining a spotlight on your debt by listing out your liabilities, interest rates and monthly payments (err...Rachel said premiums, but that’s not right) all on one page.

3. Time to train our brains to kick in the FIGHT response and launch ourselves into action against what’s stressing us out!

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