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#5 - Fun, Exciting Tax Season


In this episode of Simplifynance, host Rachel Stewart and Nathan Ollish discuss this year’s tax season and what we can do to prepare.


Show Notes: 

●           1:00– Proper documentation needed before you get started

●           1:20- The role taxes play in financial planning

●           1:43– 2018 Tax Reform: Taxs Cuts & Jobs Act

●           2:00- Key tax changes that are going to apply, with our generation in mind

●           2:13– Lowered taxed brackets, increased standard deduction and limits to a 401k

●           3:30– Health Insurance – individual mandate eliminated in 2019

●           4:00- Why Nathan and Rachel choose to do their own taxes

●           4:30- The benefits of having a CPA prepare your tax return for you

●           6:20– Some tax forms generally don’t get mailed out until February

●           7:00- Make sure you have all documentation before filing


3 Key Points:

1.     Though we can do our taxes ourselves, relying on a CPA is ideal as life gets more complex.

2.     Taxes play a big role in financial planning, but a financial planner is not to be confused with a tax professional, such as a CPA

3.     There have been major tax changes that we need to take into consideration this year.


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●  Rachel Stewart

●  Nathan Ollish,CFP