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#6 - Investing Young (like really really young)


In this episode of the Simplifynance podcast, host Rachel Stewart, financial advisor, talks to Ava Grace about her experience of investing young. Ava is only 10 years-old, in the fifth grade, and already has clear goals for her investments.


Show Notes: 

●           0:40- Ava Grace is a 10-year old investor with a financial advisor

●           1:25- How did Ava decide to get an investment account

●           1:49- What does Ava think is the hardest thing about investing

●           2:34- What are Ava’s plans for her investments

●           2:56- What has she learned about investing

●           3:58- Why is it important for kids to understand investments


3 Key Points:

1.     You’re never to young to learn about investing.

2.     Buy low sell high is Ava’s takeaway from her expereince

3.     Accept that investments can fluctuate.


Tweetable Quotes:

-       “One of the things I do as a Simplifynance financial advisor is encourage clients to start soon on their plans so they can hopefully finish strong in the end.”  –Rachel.

-       “I have two things I want to do with it (investment account). Donate to charity, specifically Charity Water, and hopefully go to Stanford.” – Ava.

-       “I have one advisor that I talk to every day, and that is my Dad. And the other one I see about every two months.” – Ava


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