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#8 - Getting Started with Finances As An Entrepreneur, with Megan Kelly – Part 1

During this 9th episode of the Simplifynance Podcast, host Rachel Stewart welcomes Megan Kelly, Founder of Baton Rouge Mompreneurs.  Megan is an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, and a fast-growing friend of Rachel. During this first part of their discussion series, Rachel and Meagan lay the foundation for the discussion on getting started with finances as an entrepreneur.

Episode Highlights:

0:24 - Rachel introduces her guest Megan Kelly.

1:00 - Rachel lists different business topics for future discussions.

2:00 - What is Meagan looking to achieve in the next 1-3 years?  

3:30 - Personal goals generally include better spending decisions, saving for education and retirement.

4:11 - Have you written your business goals down on paper?

4:16 - Megan is a part of Marie Forleo’s business school.

5:07 - After you establish goals, it’s time to prioritize.

5:27 - Megan’s most important personal goal is building her savings.

5:50 - As an entrepreneur, business goals tend to blend with personal goals.

6:12 - Take the first step is separating personal from business to provide clarity.

3 Key Take-Aways

1. BR Mompreneurs is an organization for women in Baton Rouge, LA who run their own businesses while also running their family.

2. Managing your personal finances is like running a business.

3. When you write your goals out on paper, you give them life.

Resources Mentioned:

Marie Forleo B-School

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Megan Kelly

Rachel Stewart