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#13 - Incorporating Generosity into Your Financial Plan – A Discussion with Sage Roberts Foley

During this 14th episode of the Simplifynance Podcast, host Rachel Stewart talks with Sage Roberts Foley, Executive Director of Baton Rouge Green, about getting started with philanthropic giving.

Episode Highlights:

0:40 About Sage, her role and Baton Rouge Green - a 32-year old non-profit institution that works towards planting and sustaining the city’s urban forest.

1:35 Think of yourself as a philanthropist, and what that might mean.

2:36 Sage’s recommendations on getting started with giving

2:45 Membership programs and tax-deductible annual giving

3:23 Types of organizations to focus on

3:51 Guidestar is a great place to check out organization status

4:10 Keeping and/or request receipts

4:29 Green Up Red Stick – Friday, Nov 15th at Goodwood Library

5:02 Value of donations

6:03 If a 100% tax deduction is your goal

6:18 Considerations when itemizing vs standard deduction

6:50 Last tips: What are you passionate about?

7:43 Finding info on Green Up Red Stick – tickets & raffle

3 Key Take-Aways

1. Anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of wealth.

2. The tax-deductible portion of an event ticket is net of goods & services cost.

3. Research organizations and find one that speaks to you and things you enjoy and believe in personally

Resources Mentioned:

Simplifynance Resources

Guidestar Website

Baton Rouge Green Website

Green Up Red Stick


Rachel Stewart

Sage Roberts Foley