Podcast Episode


#1 - Welcome to Simplifynance

In the 1st episode of Simplifynance, Bill Bush, Advisor at the Horizon Financial Group, introduces Simplifynance and its lead advisor Rachel Stewart. The two discuss what Simplifynance will cover.

Show Notes:

  • 01:00---Introduction of Simplifynance and Key Advisor Rachel Stewart.
  • 02:00--- Simplifynance is mainly three things: Bringing a comprehensive full picture to clients, the financial plan has a digital pulse (it is working and being monitored), and a same generation advisor.
  • 4:00---Range in topics for Simplifynance: education, success stories, guest speakers, answer questions of this Next generation.
  • 5:30--- This podcast will be easy to understand financial advising. It is about the advice not a product.


3 Key Points:

  1. Simplifynance is a podcast that discusses finance for the next generation.
  2. It will stay short and easy to digest while focusing on the advice not the products.
  3. Topics the podcast covers will be focused on education, success stories, and guest speakers to answer the Next Gen´s financial advising questions.

Resources Mentioned

  • simplyfinance.com
  • Contact Information:
  • Rachel Stewart